Friday, March 7, 2008


Normally I don't train on Thursdays but since my scheduled had been messed up from an early Monday morning flight, I am now playing "catch up".

So last night before my kettlebell class I hit a quick session.

One timed set of Snatches with a 24kg.

At 12RPM I managed a shaky 20/20 from a total time of 3:20 minutes. I was shooting for 4 minutes. I could tell I was still recovering from the last session. I also had no chalk. This could have been a mental barrier, I really do fell I could have met and maybe even got a couple extra reps. Oh well, next time.

Then in continuing with building my swing volume I added one reps to my 30 sets of swings.

I ended with 30 sets of 6 swings on the top of every minute. This felt good, not too taxing. Once I get up to 10+ it should get interesting.

Pretty uneventful, Looking forward to a rest day. Hopefully on Saturday my next timed set with a 24 will go better.

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