Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday's Training

First day back training and it felt great!

Lately I try to keep training as simple as possible.

Just the money exercises.

I started out with a good, strong set of snatches.

At 15RPM I did an 8 minute set with a 16kg bell. This felt good, I wasn't too sure how this would turn out. My grip was good through out the set, but my technique toward the end got a little "iffy". On my left hand I started to feel a callous getting caught on the bell handle. It wasn't close to tearing but I need to be sure to bell from the heal of my hand over to my thumb and index finger for the down swing.

I think at this point I'll be staying at only 8, 10 and 12 minute sets for the next couple of weeks with the 165kg bell.

Although I didn't want to, I think I'm going to have to add some heavier timed sets with a 24kg bell to get to my first goal of 100/100 in ten minutes w/ the 16kg bell.

After this I wanted to turn up the volume with my swings and with the April RKC coming up I thought there's no better time that now.

I hit 30 sets of 5 swings with a 24kg bell on the top of every minute. I plan to increase the reps as the weeks go on. This got me to 150 reps which seemed to be a good starting point.

Once done with this I practiced my kipping pull ups for three set of 10(PR), 8, 8.

I called it a night after that and caught on the race I missed on Sunday (This is where David Whitley will probably poke fun at me for been a race fan.)

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