Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 4 of 24

Still going strong and the skills seem to be getting "grooved" very nicely.

Now it may be time to just push through some of the un-comfortable-ness (probably not a word) and push the time longer and longer.

Did some Z and them the usual Overhead squats and Pull ups for a warm up.

Snatches w/ 24 kg kettlebell
4:16 @ 15rpm = 32/32

One Arm (OA)LCCJ w/ 16kg kettlebell
10:00 @ 5RPM = 25/25

OASwing w/ 16kg
25/25 x 2sets

Felt really good, the OALCCJ got tough in the rack toward the end, luckly I have a better groove on the left side and I seem to be able "find my hip" and can get more "hollow" which makes resting easier.

Snatches were fine, felt a little bit of pulling on a callous just below my middle finger.

I am starting to re-think the importance of chalk. It seems hurt just as much as it helps sometimes. Much of it seems to depends on what material the handle is made from.

Steel handles: chalk seems to hurt my performance.

Cast iron handles: chalk seems to help.

Just a thought.

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