Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 3 of 24

I'm loving the Long Cycle Clean & Jerk (LCCJ)

After warming up I was able to pull off a PR.

Well to be honest it's more of a baseline, I have never tried to go this long and I learning a big part of performing sets for time is just suckin' it up.

One problem I'm having with the LCCJ is the size of the bells and the stance I have to take due to being short and having stubby legs.

It forces me to take a wider stance, which is fine for the Clean, but feels weird when performing the Jerk. It something I'll have to get used to, stepping in and out from wide to narrow and back again will be too inefficient.

So, I'll deal.

Here's the session in nutshell:

LCCJ 2 16kg
5RPM, 5 minutes = 25 reps.

One arm swings 16kg
30/30 x 2 sets
20/20 x 3 sets

I wanted 30 on all the sets of swings, that'll be the goal next time 5 sets comes up.

The Rack killed me again, this will take some time to get used too. I learning (slowly) to allow my body to support the bells rather than me actively holding them. This makes it a little less "painfull" and is a skill all in itself.

Time to go watch some fights and eat some awesome Bison Meatloaf. Yum!


Ron Ipock said...

great minds think alike. I've been doing LCCJ for two weeks now. I also have stubby legs. The wide stance felt very weird--it didn't feel like my knees were tracking my feet and I knew that would lead to trouble. I started pointing my feet out at about 45 degrees. In this way, with the wider stance my outturned knees tracked my feet. It makes the jerk seem like a bit of a plie but it works without having to re-position my stance.

BJ Bliffert said...

The more I do it the more I get used to it.

The hardest part is resting in the rack until my timer beeps again. It's the longest 6-8 seconds ever. It seems to wear me out more than the actual C&J.

What size bells are you using?

Ron Ipock said...

I'm using 2X24kg. I know I shouldn't but it is the lightest pair I have.

And I agree: resting is the hardest part of the exercise. I find I can crank out more reps if I just keep moving. I am assuming this will change over time and that eventually my shoulders will toughen up and tolerate resting. I've actually seen a coach and he says my problem is I am muscling things too much. I'm trying but it is hard to be relaxed with 48 kg on your chest. I have a similar problem relaxing in the dentist's chair or when I have a finger up my butt during the physical.

BJ Bliffert said...

I'm starting to think the best approach may be a combo of cranking out reps and resting when needed on some days and on other concentrate on pacing.

I know I'm sacrificing reps for pacing right now.