Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 5 of 24

Going strong and no signs of slowing!

16kg kettlebell 10:00 @ 12 RPM = 120reps (60/60)

Kettlebell Jerks:
2 16kg Kettlebells Max Reps in 3:00 = 19 (set bell down for short rest), 6 = 25 total

Not bad, th 10 minute set got hairy toward the end on the left hand. I haven't worked the snatches that long since adding some 24kg work. I need to get back to longer sets, and really work technique. The bell started to get "caught" on my palm as my grip started to fail.

Jerks were OK, if I had a pair of 12kg Pro-Grades I would actually drop down and use them to build time. But, I don't so I can't.

Can't wait, one week from today I'll be in TX for a long birthday weekend and hopefully get to hang out with sister. I haven't seen her since November when she moved to Mississippi, should be a blast...and warm.


Bob Garon II said...

So if you're performing 12 reps of snatches per minute then what are you doing during your "non-moving" seconds during the minute?

I'm just trying to understand exactly how this is done.
I can get off about 20 20kg snatches in 5 min. I understand 10 min. is a more difficult, but I'd like to see the pace and how it looks for you to perform this type of workout.

BJ Bliffert said...

Bob, I'll try to get some video for you this week if my schedule and Kori's schedule line up.

But, to answer you question, there really are NO "non-moving" seconds. I support the bell overhead until my timer beeps again.

For in this workout my timer is set for 5 seconds which = 12 RPM. I perform one snatch every time it beeps and wait ,with the bell overhead, until it beeps again and then I do another rep. So for the whole set I never set the bell down.

Bob Garon II said...

Ok so you indeed are "NOT" moving when it is overhead. That's what I meant- sorry. :)

When I mean moving I mean snatching.

I think I have it now. So you have a Gymboss timer set to sound every 5s at which time you perform the snatch which- pretty much- probably takes you about 1s to complete so you will then have about 4s to stand in the overhead/locked out position.

Am I correct?

Do that 12x and you got a minute of work. Then you will switch hands and do the same thing having each hand snatch for a total of 2 min. and 30s.


Are you performing 5 min. straight per arm at 12rpm?

BJ Bliffert said...

one hand switch at the 5 minute mark, or what ever happens to be the middle of the set for that day.

Forgot to mention, for the jerks you rest in the rack, not over head.

Bob Garon II said...

What happens if your shoulders cannot last the entire 5 minutes, but by switching every minute that's not a problem to get it done?

BJ Bliffert said...

then you are not ready to 10 minutes.

Build up to it. Set your timer for for 5 secs. Go as long as you can, switch hands, go as long as you can. Set the bell down.

This is now your baseline. Try to add reps/time to each snatch workout. Once you can go 10 minutes, drop back down to 6-8 minutes and try to complete the time at 15RPM (4 seconds) and so one.

Nobody goes 10 minutes right out of the gate. I started at 6 and it was tough. Kori's working her way up to 8, she missed it by 6 reps yesterday.

Heavy one armed jerks are a goo assistant exercise for lockout strength. Use a bell 1-2 sizes larger.

But, then again if switching hands every minute fits your training goals go for it. Nothing wrong with long as your training hard :)

Bob Garon II said...

Also BJ how long do your workouts take on average from start to finish- including warmups?

Thanks for all your help thus far.


Bob Garon II said...

"Build up to it. Set your timer for for 5 secs. Go as long as you can..."

Do you mean "minutes" here- not "secs". Was that a typo?

I'm not exactly clear on what you mean here even if it is 5 min.

Go as hard as I can. Ok let's say I last 3:37. With one arm I take it?
What then?

What does that mean?

BJ Bliffert said...

no seconds, you'll do one snatch every 5 seconds, if you use a gymboss it will count the reps for you. Use the single timer function, and set it on auto so it repeats. The number of rounds it displays is the number of reps you have completed.

So here's what you do.

Set you timer, do as many reps as you can on one hand at that pace (12RPM) then switch hands do as many as you can on that hand.

Say you did 32 on you right and 28 on your left.

60 reps x 5 seconds = 5 minutes

now you know you can go 5 minutes. Try to hit this a few more times, preferably with 30 per arm to make the math easy. Then start to build up by trying to add a minute which will give you 6 more reps per arm.

Make sense? It can be hard to out into words.

BJ Bliffert said...

On average, my session last about 40 minutes or less.

Bob Garon II said...

So even if I get 32 on my right and 28 on my left- in your example- I still did not go 5 min. on one side.

I already know I can go 5 min. I performed that 2 weeks ago and performed 100 snatches with a 20kg. I switched hands every minute.

What does that tell you about how I should work?

BJ Bliffert said...

It really doesn't tell me anything without knowing what your really trying to accomplish.

If GS is a goal of your's then:

We need to find out how long you can go with only one hand switch.

Just because you can go 10 minutes switching every minute doesn't mean you can go 5 minutes on one hand. Trust me.

The number I used in the last post were just for examples sake.

Once you slow down and pace the 12 RPM, I think you'll be surprised.

If Ron reads this maybe he can chime in, too, regarding pacing and how it humbles you.

Just as an example, I can do 100+ snatches in 5 minutes w/ a 24kg if I can do multiple hand switches. Once I implement the pacing I die around 65, that's a 40% decrease in reps. That goes to show how multiple hand switches can inflate your numbers quite a bit.

Bob Garon II said...

Oh I'm not doubting you for even a second. I'm just trying to fully understand the entire concept.

I don't really follow GS except for swings from time to time. I usually always practice Hard Style.

BJ Bliffert said...

As do I, "Hard Style" is how I train all my clients too.

We are just doing a stint to GS for a change of pace and see how far we can push our selves.