Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 2 of 24

After a nice fast warm up of pull ups, power snatches (45lb bar) and overhead squats (45lb bar) I was ready to go.

A nice easy session today to work on technique and use like active recovery.


50R/50L @ 15rpm w/ 16kg

5 minutes rest


15R/15L @ 12RPM w/ 16kg


40R/40L w/ 16kg

Took the dog for a quick jog after this, it's finally a little nicer so I figured I'd get out of the house.

This was a good session, the hardest part was the rack position in the LCCJ. I can get really comfortable (this is a relative comfort) on the left side, but I don't have the flexibility/mobility to find my hip on the right side. Over time this should get better.

I think I'll be able to push the LCCJ another 2 minutes at this pace, we'll see next time the exercise comes up.

Stay tuned for today's session.


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