Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 9 of 24

Had a great session last night.

Tried to keep the pace a little higher, I feel I dick around too much sometimes between sets so I've been a little more conscience of when I finish a set and start the next one.

I decided to add a little more load an attempt to gain some strength in the overhead lockout position.

Here we go:

2 24kg bells 5x5 approx 2 minutes rest between sets.
These felt good, the hard part was accepting/receiving the bells from the lockout back to the rack. Ideally you want to just "turn off" your arms/shoulders and let the bell "fall" back into the rack. Double 16s is pretty easy, double 24s was rough, considering its about 2/3 my bodyweight.

16kg Kettlebell, 15RPM for 6 minutes = 90 reps
These were pretty easy. I really wanted to concentrated on my grip and bell position and transition between having the bell sit on the heal of my palm back to the "OK" sign for the down swing.

24kg Kettlebell 2 x 20 R/L
Again pretty easy, sort of. Easy for the hips, not so much for the grip. But, it will get better

Training will be tough the next couple of days due to travel.

I should be able to get a good session in tomorrow, I plan to purposely "over do it" since I may not be able to train on Thursday.

I was hoping to get some Comp bells delivered to our house in Texas so I/we could train, but it seems nobody has any, or they can't tell when they will be shipped. So, we'll see how this goes. Lots of bodyweight stuff, sled pulling and I hope I at least have a 16kg bell there but can't remember.

I think I'm also going to have some Bison delivered so we can grill out, this stuff is awesome. Grass fed, no antibiotics and delivered the next day fresh...can't beat it. I'll post a link where we get it if I get a chance later.

Two weeks to the RKC, can't wait see some friends and make some new ones.

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